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The communication and promotion steps turn out to be as important as the creation steps for a band or a label. A website like MusicWaves, with its 5000 sessions a day, can help you on the promotion side.

Any band or label making electric music (Rock, Metal, Independent, Hard Rock, Progressive, AOR…) can send us directly their production, without even asking or contacting us before, so that we review it in our website. Please note that because of many potential or already encountered issues, we do accept nor CD-R neither demos.

Please be informed that we always try to describe very accurately the music we listen to, and then give an opinion as objective and positive as we can, even if the music is not at the level we were expecting it to be.

As soon as you contact us and send us your production, you will have the opportunity to benefit from our different promotional offers, such as: answering to a pre-defined questionnaire (small interview) in order to let our readers learn more about your band/label, making some advertising (paying option), and if your production reaches our level criteria, it could also be included in our list of advised productions in the front page.
Moreover, labels will have their news and events described in our website and a link to their official website will be permanently added within the partnership panel placed at the bottom of every page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you need more information, using this address :

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