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Le guitariste GUS G. (FIREWIND, ex-OZZY OSBOURNE) sortira son nouvel album solo en avril 2018 via AFM Records.

Communiqué Gus G.

"I'm very excited and happy to confirm that I've signed a worldwide solo record deal with one of Europe's premier record labels, AFM Records! In my opinion, AFM is one of the few labels today that care for artist development, their team is really passionate about what they do and they have fresh and exciting ideas. We briefly worked together on FIREWIND's 'Immortals' album for the North American territory and now I'm looking forward to the full-scale collaboration on my next solo album."

Parallèlement, GUS G. va se lancer d'ici quelques jours dans une tournée nord-américaine en compagnie de VINNIE MOORE. Pour l'occasion, il sera accompagné de Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69, PLACE VENDOME, UNISONIC) à la basse et au chant et de Richie Monica (TANTRIC, VINNIE MOORE) à la batterie.

Communiqué Gus G. :

"Metal fans might know Dennis as the bass player from the bands UNISONIC and PINK CREAM 69. What people might not know about him is that he's a multi-talented songwriter, producer and singer. Since me and Dennis have been working on songs for FIREWIND's latest album release but also now on my upcoming solo record, I only felt it was natural to invite him to play this music with me on stage. So, obviously forming a power trio is a new setup and we're really looking forward to rocking the U.S. crowds this winter but also with my upcoming album tour cycle."

Communiqué Timo Hoffmann (AFM Records) :

"After releasing FIREWIND's latest studio album, 'Immortals', in North America earlier this year, we are beyond excited that Gus decided to make AFM the new label home for his solo career as well. No words needed to praise the man's qualities — Gus was a household name and highly acclaimed musician/songwriter long before he joined Ozzy's band. Ever since its inception, he is the driving force behind FIREWIND and in addition has established a solo career, delivering outstanding up-to-date hard rock with finesse. Fans can look forward to a fantastic new Gus G. album which will see the light of day in April 2018."

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Music Waves est venu à la rencontre du guitar hero grec qui, après avoir joué auprès des plus grands, poursuit sa carrière solo avec la sortie de son troisième album personnel, "Fearless".

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Avec "Fearless", Gus G met les choses au point. Parfois maladroitement mais avec conviction.

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