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"The sincere and endearing album of the "Hotel California" composer."
NEWF - 17.05.2019 -
Money, success, ego, no matter what the reason(s) that finally precipitated Don Felder's expulsion from the Eagles in 2001. The history of large bands is marked by these endless quarrels of musicians, not very glorious and pathogenic. In any case, history only retains music. And Don Felder's music will forever be marked by the title "Hotel California". He is the main composer and he is the performer, with Joe Walsh, of one of the most famous and best composed solos in the history of rock music. The American reminds us of this by highlighting on the cover of his new album, "American Rock'n'Roll", his mythical Gibson double neck (12 strings / 6 strings) with which he recorded the most famous rock ballad on the planet. Moreover, this guitar is almost more famous than Felder himself who, by nature and by obligation, has always remained in the shadow of Don Henley and Glenn Frey, the duo he ironically nicknames "Les Dieux" in his autobiography, "Heaven and Hell: My Life In The Eagles (1974-2001)".

While Don Felder, in epic legal battles, took a long time to recover from his separation from the Eagles, he now seems to be at peace. In any case, it is the feeling that prevails when listening to "American Rock'n' Roll". At nearly 72 years of age, it is time for him to assume his status as an underrated guitarist. So let's do it without pressure and having fun. 

The charm of the album lies in the obvious and immediately perceptible pleasure that its author had in recording it. Especially since as a guitarist, Don Felder knows how to do everything and can play everything: the classic old school rock ('American Rock'n' Roll'), the fun and groovy rock of the eighties ('She Doesn't Get It'), the blues ('Limelight'), flamenco ('Little Latin Lover') and beautiful ballads including the magnificent 'Falling In Love' composed in the purest tradition of the Eagles of the great era and featuring a solo with the soft melody that the American has the secret.

Taking care to avoid any nostalgia, Don Felder has invited many of the biggest names in the American rock scene to his playground. Their contribution is precious to instill in the album the spontaneity and freshness that characterize its spirit. These include the remarkable interventions of Slash on 'American Rock'n' Roll', Alex Lifeson on 'Charmed', Joe Satriani on 'Rock You' and the couple Orianthi / Richie Sambora on 'Limelight'. On the other hand, it is a pity that the end of the album is sealed by the succession of three ballads that damage its coherence and literally break the atmosphere, especially the honeyed "The Way Things Have To Be". 

"American Rock'n' Roll" is neither great nor inescapable. But it's a sincere and endearing album. That's more than enough to recommend it warmly. Having nothing to prove, Don Felder offers himself a rejuvenation and finds the right formula to live his music in the present without going back to his glorious past. This is probably what we call wisdom. 

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01. American Rock 'n' Roll
02. Charmed
03. Falling In Love
04. Hearts On Fire
05. Limelight
06. Little Latin Lover
07. Rock You
08. She Doesn't Get It
09. Sun
10. The Way Things Have To Be
11. You're My World


Don Felder: Chant / Guitares
Alesandro Alesandroni: Claviers / Invité
Alex Al: Basse / Invité
Alex Lifeson: Guitares / Invité
Ben White: Basse / Invité
Bob Weir: Invité / Choeurs
Chad Smith: Batterie / Invité
Chris Chaney: Basse / Invité
Christophe Lampidecchia: Invité / Accordéon
David Paich: Claviers / Invité / Piano
Greg Leisz: Invité / Pedal Steel
Jim Keltner: Batterie / Invité
Joe Satriani: Guitares / Invité
Joe Williams: Invité / Choeurs
Kenneth Crouch: Claviers / Invité
Leah Felder: Invité / Choeurs
Lenny Casto: Invité / Percussions
Mick Fleetwood: Batterie / Invité
Mike Finnigan: Invité / Hammond B3
Monet Owens: Invité / Choeurs
Nathan East: Basse / Invité
Orianthi: Guitares / Invité
Peter Frampton: Guitares / Invité / Choeurs
Richie Sambora: Guitares / Invité
Robin Dimaggio : Batterie / Invité / Percussions
Sammy Hagar: Chant / Invité
Sean Holt: Invité / Choeurs
Slash: Guitares / Invité
Steve Gadd: Batterie / Invité
Steve Porcaro: Claviers / Invité
Timothy Drury: Invité / Choeurs
Todd Sucherman: Batterie / Invité

Bluesy, Groovy, Old School, Guitar-Hero
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DON FELDER: American Rock 'n' Roll

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Welcome to Hotel Music Waves where we met Don Felder, the guitarist of the mythical Eagles who offers us a journey into the wonderful world of rock'n' roll. To your guitars!

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