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As part of the release of her new album 'Between The Earth And The Stars', Music Waves met Bonnie Tyler, the famous Welsh singer who sings hits such as 'It's A Heartache' and 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'.
ADRIANSTORK - 10.05.2019
"As part of the release of her new album, Music Waves met Bonnie Tyler, the famous Welsh singer who sings hits such as "It's A Heartache" and "Total Eclipse Of The Heart". An interview that will open up the wings of the recording of an album that we no longer expected."

We usually start our interview with this question: what is the question that has been asked too often and that bothers you so much?

(Laughs) I have no problem talking about my new album. But people ask me: "You're not tired of singing 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart', 'I Need A Hero' or 'It's An Heartache'? I always answer the truth: "Not at all! I'm not tired of singing these songs, on the contrary I love performing them on stage". In my new show, I'm going to sing seven songs from my last album but don't worry, the classics will be there.

About these classics, these pieces are part of the legend.

I've been here for some time, yes! (Laughs).

As you made these timeless hits, you didn't have the pressure when you were writing new songs?

No, because I didn't write the songs for my last album.

So when it comes time to register them....

I'll tell you what: I had no idea I was going to record a new album again! The last album recorded was "Rocks And Honey". I recorded it in Nashville in 2013. At that time, I didn't have a big label and the album went up in flames. 

While in Wales, I was visited by a ghost from the past: my former bass player, Kevin Dunn. I was 17 and a half the first time we met. He said, "I've written demos, could you tell me what you think?". I said, "Come on, Kevin, you've never written a song before!" He has not given up: "Yes, but now I am writing more and more. I'm sure you might like it. Don't you want to listen to them?". I surrendered: "All right, I'll listen to them, but not in front of you!"

After he left, I listened, willy-nilly. And against all odds, I quickly came back to Kevin: "But Kevin, where do these songs come from? They're great!". "So you don't want to record them?" he replied. "But come on, Kevin, I have no intention of making a new album. What I can do is I can record them so I can find a better contract and release "Rocks And Honey"". Kevin agreed. 

So I went back into the studio with my producer David Mackay, with whom I hadn't worked for 40 years. We made together my first two albums which contain'Lost In France','It's A Heartache'. So David gave them a shape. 
Francis Rossi (editor's note: the guitarist and singer of Status Quo), a friend and neighbour of David's came to visit him during one of my absences in the studio. He listened to one of my songs and loved it. "Bonnie should invite me to do a duet." 

As David is a rabid tennis fan, he went to Wimbledon and told his friend Sir Barry Gibb about my album. He told me as if to joke: "I'm going to ask him if he wouldn't want to write you a song". I didn't believe it, it would be wonderful, would it? A few months after Wimbledon, Barry sent me a very beautiful song "Seven Waves Away". 

At that time, I was invited by Cliff Richard to his home in Barbados. Around him, there are always many people. We came across Rod Stewart's best friend one day. I told him: "It would be the dream of my life to sing a duet with Rod. Can you talk to him about it?". He replied: "We'll do it like that, send me an email to Rod with a song. I'll transfer it to Rod and we'll see what happens." Shortly afterwards, I received a song from Chris Norman entitled'Battle Of The Sex'. I loved it and I knew it was that song I had to propose to Rod. 
Chris, who wanted to sing it with me, agreed, after all it is always an honor to write a song sung by Rod Stewart. I sent it to Rod via his friend. Two days later, Rod sent me an email directly to my address to say yes.

You laughed when I said you were legendary. Yet all these talented people who want to sing with you, that means something.

But it always surprises me! I feel like the ordinary neighbour of a small Welsh village.

And to come back to that duet with Rod Stewart. Actually, we had to do this duet separately. He was in Los Angeles when I was in London. When he was in London, I was on tour. 

But I do it live with Francis Rossi. We laughed to tears during the recording, David managed to capture these moments of joy. 

Then I went back to see my friend Cliff Richard who lives a stone's throw from my home in Portugal. We had dinner together. As he had worked with David in the past, I made him listen to my latest creations. I made him listen to the duet with Francis Rossi. He thought the song was very good. Then it was Sir Barry Gibb's turn. He didn't believe me: "Barry Gibb made a song with you????".

In the end, all this was really accidental when it came to commemorating your 50th anniversary.

But I wasn't supposed to make an album. It just happened. Nothing was planned. I didn't even notice it was the 50th anniversary of my career. I just saw it on a sticker. I don't feel like I've been here for 50 years.

The title symbolizes a little bit your career:''Beetwen The Earth And The Stars''. It's like you had a destiny. You met Roger Bell by chance and he offered you a contract. It's like you have a clear destiny.

Yes, it's fate. I've always been compared to Rod Stewart, long before my operation. But I'm back, I'm going back to Portugal with Cliff. He listens to the songs and then he pulls me out: "Can I do a duet with you?".

Was he jealous?

(Laughs) I was really happy. "Cliff, I'll save you for tonight." "You have to find the right song!" he replied. David has commissioned a lyricist (editor's note: a Steve Womack) to write a song especially for me and Cliff:'Taking Control'. It was perfect for us. I never thought that our two voices could merge together harmoniously just like with Rod Stewart.

On this album, you are less epic but more seductive, ultra feminine, very sexy like on "Bad For Loving".

(Touched) Thank you!

Or'Battle For Sex'. Is it an album dedicated to the cause of women, a feminist album?

The only time I had a problem with a man was in Denmark. You may remember, my hair was generously provided. A rock critic came to me for an interview. Before he started it, he pulled my hair. He was convinced it was a wig. I grabbed him by the balls and said, "Are yours real?" I couldn't help it (Laughs).

We know you have a special voice, thanks to this surgery.

No, no, no, no. Not because of the operation itself. I had to take a break and especially not talk. But since I'm a chatterbox....

Did you change your working method with this new voice?

Not at first. But for the last 8 years, I've been working with a fantastic vocal coach. His name is James Windsor and he works in London. I call him 15 minutes before the concerts. I don't know how it works, but it works. He gave more strength to my voice. I'm going to do a tour of 20 dates. On May 20th, I will stop at the Olympia where the tickets sold well. I will be performing at the London Palladium in September. 

During your career, your style of music has evolved: epic and rock in the 80's, a little country, a little bluesy, a little dance in the 90's. Your fans follow you everywhere in your adventures. How do you explain this loyalty?

My fans are very loyal. But when you create a good song.... I recorded 8 other songs during these sessions. They could be on a new album....

It's a scoop! There will be another album!

First of all, I think a concert in Berlin will be filmed. Then you can say that I'm back. I recorded these songs in David's personal studio at his home. We had great evenings, we had good food and drink, his wife is a cordon-bleu. It was really a joy for me to record this album. At first, it was just to make three demos and then the snowball effect...

In 2000, you worked with a French singer, Kareen Antonn...

Oh yes! Number one for 12 weeks! 

Yes, but not only that. It seems like you have a special relationship with France. We remember this date at the Montereau festival. You were the headliner. It was late and there was a microphone problem. You finished the a cappella concert. You respected your audience that night.

I don't remember that date. It happened to me in Ireland.

And in Montereau, then! What do you think of the French public?

It's been a long time since I've been in France. I hope they'll sing with me. 

Have you ever played a concert where people didn't sing with you?

No, not at all. But maybe the French spectators are a little more shy.

Shy? Us?

(Laughs) Well done!

What do you expect from this album? Because even with your career, do you still hope for something or are you trying to prove something?

I have nothing to prove. But I would like this album to be recognized as a good album. On Amazon, it has five stars and good reviews. But today, we don't make a lot of money making albums anymore but touring. I love these new songs and would be happy to perform them on stage.

And so a new album!

I already have 8 songs ready. And anyway, I'm not going to retire. I want to keep recording albums.

Let's hope you don't keep the fans waiting for six years!

(Laughs) No!

We started this interview with the question that you had been asked too often. On the other hand, which one would you like me to ask you?

That's a difficult question. Yes, I did! I did!  "What James Bond song would you like to do? You refused once, but if someone asked you again what song would you do? and my answer would be: "A good song, much better than the first one that was not good and that I had to refuse"...

Thank you very much!

(Laughs) Thank you very much (in French).

Thanks to Calgepo for his contribution....
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As part of the release of her new album 'Between The Earth And The Stars', Music Waves met Bonnie Tyler, the famous Welsh singer who sings hits such as 'It's A Heartache' and 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'.

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