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TORPEDO - 12.02.2019
An of the website has just been made today. Some corrections have been made, including the main ones:
  • BUG] Filtering reviews by gender via the menu is now possible.
  • {BUG] Clicking at the bottom of a column on the name of a recommended group leads to the group's columns.
And above all the site is now in English. To access this section, simply click on the buttons/flags at the top of the page. English readers will be directed to the translated pages via their browser. For the moment, there is not much content but it was impossible for us to translate our 20 or 25,000 reviews/news/articles in stock. We will do this in the future for a large part of the new features and try to translate the old ones over time. 

We hope that non-French-speaking readers will now be happy to benefit from our views and advice and that they will also be able to discover bands "made in France".

Enjoy !
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