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TORPEDO - 08.06.2019
On this project, I will this time speak in the first person because this evolution (revolution) has complicated my life (and that's an understatement). 

The transition will have turned a lot of things upside down at the technical level and it was necessary to make (too many) choices: a mobile web version rather than an app, create new pages specific to the mobile version rather than modify existing pages, adapt stored procedures (database) to both environments, reduce page size, improve performance and so on.

But we had no choice. With now 30% of connection via mobile, Music Waves had to have an adapted version. And then Google (SEO) likes mobile versions! This one should arrive in a few days, the time to solve the countless small shells that scatter the pages. There will certainly be bugs and modifications to be made to the pages once they are online to have something robust. I count on everyone to notify me via comments or email. The sooner this is fixed, the more pleasant the navigation will be (and the sooner I move on to something else).

See you soon
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