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Steve Morse, guitariste de DEEP PURPLE, a officiellement quitté le groupe pour s'occuper de sa femme, Janine, qui lutte contre le cancer.

La dernière annonce de Morse intervient quatre mois après que le guitariste ait déclaré qu'il prendrait une pause du groupe, dans l'espoir de rejoindre ses camarades une fois que la santé de sa femme se serait améliorée. Il avait alors été remplacé sur la route par le guitariste blues-rock irlandais Simon McBride.

Samedi 23 juillet, DEEP PURPLE a publié une déclaration via les médias sociaux, dont voici quelques extraits : "DEEP PURPLE annonce que Steve Morse va se retirer du groupe, après en avoir été le guitariste pendant plus d'un quart de siècle. Les circonstances personnelles de Steve l'ont empêché de s'engager dans le calendrier du groupe en 2022 et au-delà.

"Il y a quelques mois, Steve a ouvertement partagé avec les fans du groupe la triste nouvelle que sa femme, Janine, se bat contre un cancer et, selon ses propres mots, 'je dois tout simplement être là avec elle'.

"Depuis qu'il a rejoint le groupe en 1994, Steve a écrit et enregistré huit albums studio avec le groupe : 'Purpendicular', 'Abandon', 'Bananas', 'Rapture Of The Deep', 'Now What?!', 'Infinite', 'Whoosh ! et " Turning To Crime ". En outre, Steve a également enregistré de nombreux disques live avec DEEP PURPLE au fil des ans.

"Steve manquera énormément au groupe, à l'équipe, au management, à la maison de disques et à tous ceux qui ont eu le plaisir de travailler avec lui au fil des ans.

Selon les mots de Steve Morse :
L'automne dernier, j'ai soudainement quitté la session d'écriture de Purple en Allemagne car ma femme traversait une véritable crise médicale. Presque un an plus tard, nous apprenons à accepter un cancer agressif de stade 4 et un traitement de chimio pour le reste de sa vie.  La présence aux concerts nous manque à tous les deux, mais je ne pouvais tout simplement pas m'engager dans des tournées longues ou lointaines, car les choses peuvent changer rapidement à la maison. J'ai proposé de trouver un guitariste remplaçant à l'automne dernier, en espérant que nous pourrions assister à la guérison miraculeuse du cancer dont nous avons tous entendu parler. Au fil du temps, j'ai pu constater que les choses allaient de l'avant, après 28 ans de présence dans le groupe.
J'ai déjà donné mon dernier concert avec Purple en Floride, lors de la croisière Rock Legends. Je souhaite remercier les spectateurs qui ont si fortement soutenu la musique en live et qui ont transformé chaque spectacle, d'une répétition générale à une expérience tonitruante et excitante. Tous les membres du groupe et de l'équipe vont me manquer, mais le fait d'être l'assistant et le défenseur de Janine a fait une réelle différence à de nombreux moments clés. 
Comme Janine s'adapte à ses limites, elle est capable de faire beaucoup de choses par elle-même, alors nous allons essayer de faire quelques petites tournées de concerts à proximité avec des amis pour, espérons-le, nous faire sortir tous les deux de la maison !

Et l'intégralité du communiqué:

Deep Purple announces that Steve Morse will be stepping back from the band, having been its guitarist for more than a quarter of a century.
Steve’s personal circumstances have made it impossible for him to commit to the band’s schedule throughout 2022 and beyond. A few months ago, Steve openly shared with the band´s fans the sad fact that his wife, Janine, is battling cancer and, in his own words, “I simply must be there with her.”
Since joining the band in 1994, Steve has written and recorded eight studio albums with the band:
Purpendicular, Abandon, Bananas, Rapture of the Deep, Now What?!, Infinite, Whoosh!, Turning to Crime In addition, Steve has also recorded many live records with Deep Purple over the years.
Steve will be greatly missed by band, crew, management, record label and all those that had the pleasure of working with him over the years.
Steve has always been hugely grateful for the support and love of Deep Purple fans across the globe.
A true master…
In the words of Steve Morse: Last Autumn, I suddenly left the Purple writing session in Germany because my wife was having a real medical crisis. Almost a year later, we are learning to accept stage 4 aggressive cancer and chemo treatment for the rest of her life.  We both miss being at shows, but I simply couldn't commit to long, or far away tours, since things can change quickly at home. I suggested lining up a substitute guitarist last Autumn, hoping we could see the miraculous cancer cure all of us have heard about. As time went by, I could see the way things were heading though, after 28 years of being in the band.
I've already played my last show with Purple back in Florida on the Rock Legends Cruise. I wish to thank the listeners who so strongly supported live music and turned every show from a dress rehearsal to a thundering, exciting experience. I'll miss everybody in the band and crew but being Janine's helper and advocate has made a real difference at many key points. 
As Janine adjusts to her limitations, she is able to do many things on her own, so we will try to play some shorter nearby concert tours with friends to, hopefully, get both of us out of the house!
I know Simon has the gig nailed already, but I'm now handing over the keys to the vault which holds the secret of how Ritchie's "Smoke on the Water" intro was recorded. I guess you have to jiggle the key just right because I never got it open. 
In the words of Ian Gillan: In circumstances like these it is normally difficult to find the right words, but not in the case of Steve Morse; I know what I want to say. He came from a different background to the rest of us in Deep Purple and yet his musical genius has been somehow compatible and played a big part in the fresh direction adopted by the group when he joined and made his first album with us in 1996, and then onwards, for over a quarter of a century, enjoying the longest incumbency of any DP guitarist and contributing to the longest unchanging line-up, which started when Don Airey replaced Jon Lord - who retired in 2002 - until the present day.
I first became aware of Steve through the Dixie Dregs, particularly the track ‘Take it off the Top’ which was the theme tune for Tommy Vance’s BBC rock show and impressed me mightily. I didn’t realise at the time that one day I would be lucky enough to stand on stage with Steve and enjoy his consummate skills up close and dangerous.
I got to know him as a very kind man, full of ideas and the patience to see them developed. He would say, ‘You never know until you try it’. We sure had some fun debating that approach, but mostly in good humour and he always gave as good as he got.
Steve has a legacy with Deep Purple that can never be forgotten, and that smile will be missed. It would be wrong to comment on his personal circumstances, suffice to say he’s in a bad place right now but dealing with it bravely and as best he can; we all admire his devotion; he’s been a strong family man all his life.
All this has come at a terrible time for everybody, including the other musicians in Deep Purple. After two years off the road because of quarantines everywhere, we had to get back to what we do, and that is perform live around the world and make music in the way we have always done, since 1968. As we get older, we realise that we’re much closer to the end, and that triggers an urgency that won’t be tamed. From Steve’s perspective, I can only imagine that there is no possible ‘nice’ way of continuing with a new man, but it is either that or call it a day, because the lack of momentum was gradually becoming something more significant; it felt terminal. 
The best way I can describe this is by using Steve’s own words; when I sent him a love letter a few weeks ago, he replied that it was weird being at home whilst we guys were out there, but ‘reality intervenes’… and that’s what has happened.
I can only put out love and respect, and positive vibes at the memories of good times together.
In the words of Ian Paice: From the moment Steve joined us in Purple, it was obvious he could open up new musical possibilities for us. Like most great creative musicians, he has the ability to come up with musical ideas that no one else has thought of.
I think the easiest way to say it is he’s always “thinking outside the box”. Not many of us can do that!
We learnt he is also an incredibly nice man, who put up with our lack of knowledge of US sports teams and stars, and our continual talk of UK football, (soccer to our US friends!), with great patience. But there is one important truth here and that is “family comes first”.
Steve is adhering to that truth with his wife Janine’s health situation. We will miss him.
In the words of Roger Glover: In the early 80’s, on tour with Rainbow in Germany, I heard ‘Go for Baroque’ by the Dixie Dregs on a car radio. I was captivated and immediately bought Unsung Heroes.  Then I bought Steve’s first solo album. What a guitar player. Never could I have dreamed that twelve years later we would be in a band together.
Deep Purple was at a pivotal point in the mid-90’s and needed to refresh itself. Steve was an inspired choice and brought his talent and limitless imagination to us - evidenced by ‘Purpendicular’, a favourite album of mine – enabling the band to start an amazing journey for the next twenty-eight years… no mean feat. He’s a teacher, he inspired us, me in particular, with his energy, encouragement and wisdom, and his contribution and legacy in this band is beyond words. He will be missed but our friendship will remain.
Sadly, life has intervened, and different challenges are upon us. Janine needs him now, and my best wishes and thoughts go out to them.
In the words of Don Airey: Thanks Steve for being such a shining light both musically and personally to me over the last few (20 !!) years. All I can do is wish you and Janine the best for the future, in the new course that life has taken you. I know it would take a lot more than this to extinguish your talent and your music, so hopefully we'll see you down the road a-piece. Cheers DA
There will be no further comment from the band. We kindly ask that Steve and Janine’s privacy is respected and to keep them in your thoughts at this time.
Triste de cette nouvelle mais un grand respect pour cet homme qui sait exactement où est sa place en ce moment. J'espère pouvoir re-entendre Steve Morse sur disque un jour, lui qui fait partie de mes 3 guitaristes préfèrés.
Dommage que Deep Purple n'ait pas rappelé Ritchie...
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