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"A hits collection with the help of Steve Overland and Tommy Denander !"
LYNOTT - 30.04.2019 -
Perhaps you don't know Jerome Mazza. Unless you have listened to his first solo pop album of 2015, or spotted this American singer during his participation in Steve Walsh's latest album ("Black Butterfly") - the frontman of Kansas - or noticed his passage with Angelica the Canadian Christian metal band on four albums (1989-1992), or even enjoyed his vocal taps on the first and only album to date of Pinnacle Point (2017) that Kansas fans should listen to. In case you don't know the gentleman, here's another opportunity to meet him since he decided at the end of last year to release his new alone opus. It is this "Outlaw Son" that will be presented to you right away.

Jerome Mazza may therefore be unknown to you, but the Middle has not missed his powerful vocal chords, proof of this is that two pillars of melodic hardcore have joined him here: Tommy Denander the guitarist/composer/producer who has worked with a few stars such as Radioactive, Street Talk, Talisman, Phenomena, House Of Lords and Last Autumn's Dream - respect - and vocalist / composer Steve Overland who worked for FM, The Ladder and Shadowland to name a few. The first of these gentlemen officiates on the six-strings by joining forces with Mazza's guitarist talents, who is therefore not just pushing the ritornello here. As for the second one, it supports the vocal efforts of our star of the day on a few tracks. These two great names are the progenitors of all the songs on this opus. In other words, they know what melody means.

The hard FM developed here fulfils all its obligations and does not exceed them. It is therefore no surprise that we are cashing in the twelve tracks that are proposed here. "Cash in" are the exact words because they are really uppercuts with which we are drunk on the vast majority of the compositions of this "Outlaw Son". The hits follow one another cheerfully and refer to combos whose qualities are appreciated by fans of the style. As proof, we can see the great "Neverland", stuck between Night Ranger and Rick Springfield, the sensational "Immortal" and the dazzling "Crossfire" which come straight out of Radioactive, the mid-tempo "The Dark Side" where Khymera comes to wink at us and the Kansassian - on the verses - "Streets On Fire".

But as mentioned above, it is also without musical revolution that we cross these twelve tracks. The line is straight, it is certainly bordered by trees with welcoming foliage inviting to relax, but it remains straight. This could lead some sad minds to be reluctant to listen to the product. This is all the more so as the last three tracks turn out to be the least shimmering of the whole, notably the offspring of an uninspired Toto that is "Calm Before The Storm". Usually artists finish their opus in beauty, it's not the case here, and that's very unfortunate.

But you are certainly not part of this brotherhood of Bad Bunks and, if you fall as a pamoison listening to the first beautiful melody, you will certainly highly appreciate this easy listening pearl necklace. This Outlaw Son is very well dressed, let's face it!

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01. Neverland
02. Immortal
03. The Dark Side
04. Streets On Fire
05. The Last Goodbye
06. Undercover Love
07. Song For The People
08. Save The Best ‘Til Last
09. Crossfire
10. Calm Before The Storm
11. Outlaw Son
12. Unfinished Business


Tommy Denander: Guitares / Claviers
Brian Anthony: Basse
Chris Metzger: Batterie
Jerome Mazza: Chant / Guitares
Steve Overland: Choeurs

80's, Easy Listening / FM
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JEROME-MAZZA_Outlaw-Son Outlaw Son (2018)
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