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"Between the earth and the stars, Bonnie Tyler is once again weightless. If his hoarse voice expresses itself on these 14 tracks with joy, we will regret a few lengths and the absence of an epic hit."
ADRIANSTORK - 10.05.2019 -
In 2013, Bonnie Tyler, the stainless steel performer of "It's A Heartache", "If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)" and "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", released an album called "Rocks And Honey", which with its participation in Eurovision promised a big comeback. But sealed by her label, the blond explosive with a languorous look will only make weak sparks. While she was planning to retire and live good music, her former bass player came to ask her to listen to demos of newly written songs. Bonnie Tyler, who was not really convinced of the opportunity of a return, was blown away by the quality of the lyrics and found her first producer to record a new album.

By a happy combination of circumstances, Bonnie managed to surround herself with three legends. While his hoarse voice earned him the nickname of male Rod Stewart, it was unimaginable that the two performers would not sing together one day. The interpreter of 'Baby Jane' finds herself in a duel on a truculent 'Battle Of The Sex' where both of them put forward arguments for their side. Who will win the bet? The song itself is an energetic rock mixed with country music, magnified by the two hoarse voices of the performers, a bastringue guilleret piano and a final guitar solo.

Another duo, "Someone Rockin' Your Heart" performed with Status Quo singer Francis Rossi, proves that we can work while having fun. But because of its repetitive construction where the performers sing in parallel on the verses and despite its guitar riff, the song has little appeal. The nice surprise will come from "Taking Control", a duet with Cliff Richard, the eternal second in Eurovision. Cliff's moving voice added to Bonnie's and a few choirs make this beautiful pop ride shine, undoubtedly the highlight of this album.

Beyond these attractive posters, the rest of the album does not serve as a filling. "Hold On" which opens the ball with the sound of languid guitars, highlights the sweet voice of its performer and will be chosen as a single. The bluesy "Slow Walk" generously welcomes some brass. Gibb's sibling survivor, Barry, wrote him a sparkling custom-made ballad. The profession of faith "Older" allows her to tear her voice bare, supported by an aquatic piano. "Move" is a sound laboratory, sticky blues at the border of psychedelicism and the Beatles' "Come Together". Finally, the poisonous "Bad For Loving You" allows Bonnie to make herself much more lustful and sensual.

Even if it is her trademark, we will regret the overwhelming contribution of the female choirs (especially on 'Hold On', 'Older', 'Let's Go Crazy Tonight') and in the second part of the album, some anecdotal and duplicative tracks with the rest make listening more difficult. 
Between the earth and the stars, Bonnie Tyler is once again weightless. If his hoarse voice expresses itself on these 14 tracks with joy and despite the company of prestigious guests, we will regret a few lengths and the absence of a hit as if the Welsh woman had decided not to worry about trade issues.. But Bonnie, who has already recorded additional songs not included on this album, is preparing to follow up soon on this "Between The Earth And The Stars". There is no doubt that in space, we do not hear him shouting his joy of being among us again.

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01. Hold On (03:18)
02. Battle Of The Sexes (03:47)
03. Slow Walk (03:13)
04. Seven Waves Away (03:44)
05. Someone's Rockin' Your Heart (03:01)
06. Older (03:41)
07. Taking Control (03:36)
08. Between The Earth And The Stars (03:55)
09. Don't Push Your Luck (03:07)
10. To The Moon And Back (03:41)
11. Bad For Loving You (02:57)
12. Let's Go Crazy Tonight (03:00)
13. Missing You (03:53)
14. Move (03:41)


Bob Jenkins: Batterie
Bonnie Tyler: Chant
David Mackay: Basse / Claviers / Percussions
Francis Rossi: Guitares
Geoff Whitehorn: Guitares
Leon Cave: Batterie
Richard Cottle: Claviers / Saxophone
Cliff Richards: Chant / Invité
Rod Stewart: Chant / Invité

Easy Listening / FM, Bluesy, Intimist, Romantic, Ballads, Rasping voice, Female voice, Chorus
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MARTIX016 - 12/05/2019 09:00:30
une musique très belle et des paroles sensées!
As part of the release of her new album 'Between The Earth And The Stars', Music Waves met Bonnie Tyler, the famous Welsh singer who sings hits such as 'It's A Heartache' and 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'.

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