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"Welcome back from Jane's addiction singer with a varied and entertaining solo album."
NUNO777 - 10.09.2019 -
We left Perry Farrell on Jane's Addiction's latest album, "The Great Escape Artist", in 2011 and since then no news. The American, always accompanied by Madame, returns with a new solo album produced and mixed by Tony Visconti, renowned for his collaborations with the late David Bowie, and a host of musicians from various bands such as Matt Chamberlain and Taylor Hawkins respectively Soundgarden and Foo Fighters drummers or Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X.

This heterogeneous college of musicians reflects the diversity that reigns on "Kind Heaven", an album that addresses a multitude of subjects, from the most frivolous like sex to the most serious like politics, from the angle of heterogeneous songs as well. This is not a novelty on the part of Perry who regularly has fun giving an extensive definition of his music by pigmenting a pop-rock base of psychedelic, alternative or electro variants. "Kind Heaven" begins with a lineage to Perry's antecedents with the rhythmic '(red, white, and blue) Cheerfulness' which refers to Satellite Party, the mono-project with Nuno Bettencourt on guitar, and 'Pirate Punk Politician' with the alternative density close to Jane's Addiction. A promising start that continues on other modalities with the jazzy "Snakes Have Many Hips" that could have been composed for the next James Bond, the sensual and electro-rock "Machine Girl" and the funky-folk "One", both sung in duo with his wife Etty. 

After that, Perry plays on the combination of elements already used until then with jazz accents in the ballad "More Than I Could Bear" at Elliot Easton's superb guitar solo, the electro coloring in a "Spend The Body" with an annoying chorus and which ends in cacophony and "Where Have You Been All My Life" a little too experimental to totally convince. Another strong feature of "Kind Heaven" underlines Visconti's contribution in the widest and most orchestrated moments. The orchestrations delicately decorate "Snakes Have Many Hips" to give it its dramatic side and support the grandiloquence of the dreamlike "Let's All Pray For This World" with its unifying choirs. In addition, the work on the instrumentations sometimes brings the main interest to the pieces as in 'More Than I Could Bear' or 'One' largely carried by the arrangements. 

"Kind Heaven" is a pleasant record to listen to, better than his last solo album, the insipid techno-ambient "Song Yet To Be Sung" released eighteen years ago. The great diversity of these compositions could have been a barrier to listening, due to the lack of coherence of the whole, but due to its short duration of half an hour and its light pop tonality, the variety of "Kind Heaven" is rather its strength. For Perry Farrell fans, whose vocals and character are not unanimously accepted, this comeback will be a welcome and entertaining news and perhaps, as you never know, a trigger to relaunch his flagship band.

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01. (Red, White, And Blue) Cheerfulness
02. Pirate Punk Politician
03. Snakes Have Many Hips
04. Machine Girl
05. One
06. Where Have You Been All My Life
07. More Than I Could Bear
08. Spend The Body
09. Let’s All Pray For This World


Chris Chaney: Basse
Matt Chamberlain : Batterie
Matt Rohde: Claviers
Nick Maybury: Guitares
Perry Farrell: Chant
Dhani Harrison: Chant / Guitares / Invité
Elliot Easton: Guitares / Invité
Etty Lau Farrell: Chant / Invité
Joachim Garraud: Claviers / Invité
Peter Distefano: Guitares / Invité
Taylor Hawkins: Batterie / Invité
Tommy Lee: Batterie / Invité

Easy Listening / FM, Electro, Experimental, Folk, Funky, Psychedelic
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